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Welcome to Ken Matsuoka's Home Index
November 9, 2000

The original monthly calendar has been equipped with the dropdown list of months
 to select (dropdown list in cell J7 while clearing cell J4;
  otherwise "=TODAY()" or blank in cell J4 to show the current month). 
- this comment added May 22, 2001 -   

Please select the version:

  The Mon - Sun Version
The Sun - Sat Version

Ken's Home Radio

  Ken Matsuoka's original calendar with millennium countdown
which also has the new additional Weekly Calendar
allowing insertion of photograph(s) (on cell B8 of the sheet Weekly)
to attract more access to your Web page advertisement
on the Excel work sheet.

  12-Month Dynamic Calendar - December 6, 2000 -

And more.   Here is World Clock UKThe local times in Ohio,
Los Angeles and Tokyo are shown relative to the time in the UK (GMT).
- The latest version file has now the international dialing code sheet 
December 6, 2000


Robbery and Quadruple Murder of a Family
in Kami-soshigaya 3-chome

Crime Tokyo

Police are still looking for the killer ! We NEED your INFORMATION !
Do you remember? Murder and Robbery of a Family of 4 in Setagaya (as of Dec 2023)

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