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Tokyo Olympic Games
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One-time flophouses fit the bill for budget travelers in Japan
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Honda Cars スムーズレンタカー
Cars Honda Tokyo

Honda cars スムーズレンタカー
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Your ultimate guide to Tokyo
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Here's how Obayashi pulls in investors
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"Police are still looking for the killer ! We NEED your INFORMATION ! "
2015/12/31 (Tokyo Metropolitan Police)
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London mayor Boris Johnson flattens 10-year-old in touch rugby match
Lawmaker Rugby Children Trade Tokyo UK

Secondhand house data worries Tokyo market watchers
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Tokyo ward Shibuya certifies same-sex partnerships
LGBT Tokyo-to 47 prefectures Japan

Tokyo's Shibuya Ward adopts ordinance to recognize same-sex unions
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GURUNAVI - Japan Restaurant Guide

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Blue Bottle Coffee
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Tokyo to set up 80 hydrogen stations by 2025
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Haneda flights over Tokyo nearer reality
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Haneda Runway D Appears on Google Maps - Manmade Island on the Sea
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Shinjuku gyoen announces "reopening today". Really. "It was found that as it is getting cooler the number of mosquitoes is on the decline and no mosquitos captured and tested were found with viruses," the official anouncement says.
October 17, 2014

Shinjuku gyoen announces "reopening?". Not exactly. it is only peripheral "the promenade", a tip of green park outside or along the east gate "Okido-mon, or -gate" and the west gate "Shinjuku-mon, or -gate" that is open.
All the gates and toll gates remain closed, literally locked. Thus it is just cats seen going into and out of the garden. Then when will it be really open? Practically it will be closed indefinitely.
October 9, 2014

Dengue virus infiltrates two more parks, hitting Ueno, Shinjuku Gyoen
2014/9/19 Japan Times
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Shinjuku Gyoen Shutdown thus cnotinues.

Ministry closes Shinjuku Gyoen garden amid dengue fever outbreak
2014/9/8 Japan Times

Dengue spreads beyond two Tokyo parks; tally at 74
2014/9/6 Japan Times
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Shinjuku Gyoen Shutdown Announced: "Starting September 7
for an unspecified period as operation is under way for mosquitos virus check"
2014/9/7 Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku-Gyoen National Garden
"Bringing alcohol into the garden and drinking it there is prohibited. Using toys, sports equipment and the like is also prohibited in the garden."
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Joggers told to mind manners around palace
2013/10/2 Japan Times
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Tokyo Metro unveils subway navigation app for visitors
2014/3/31 Japan Times
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Subway Surfers: TOKYO HIGH SCORE GAMEPLAY!!!! (iPhone Android)

Max Luxury / Max Lux To Be News / Next Life/ 2014/5/16
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Rocking across the city: Tokyo's 10 best live houses
2010/7/21 CNN

This smallish bar/nightclub was really rocking
2003/3/13 VirtualTourist

YOTSUYA: Nobu-san Izakaya... 50yen Hi-Balls and 180yen Beer...
interesting night.

のぶさん 四谷(よつや)
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Nobusan Izakaya in Yotsuya

Izakaya Nobusan
2014/9/25 Facebook
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#4 Kimono MPC + MIC / 着物で MPC + MIC

東京マラソン2014 ゴール地点 2014年2月23日 / TOKYO MARATHON

myanmar8888(Tokyo snow 8-2-2014)

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Tokyo, Japan Travel Review -- Go or No?

東京マラソン 2013年(内堀通り皇居) Tokyo marathon

Shinjuku Gyoen | A large peaceful national garden in Tokyo

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Best of Shinjuku, Tokyo ● 新宿 (Part 1)

shinjuku ni chome/ 2010/10/24

《建築》 国宝・赤坂離宮 AKASAKA PALACE


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Walking Underground from Yaesu Central Exit
to Tally's Coffee Yaesu

Tokyo Station City Gran Roof

JR東北新幹線 東京駅にて
At Tokyo Station on the JR Tohoku Shinkansen

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