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Daylight Saving Time: History behind the time change
3/14/2021 msn.com
Time Management Weekend

Why You Don't Have to Exercise Every Day
2017/1/9 time.com
Exercise & Health Time Management

Trudeau willing to take 'some punches' for work-life balance debate
2016/5/25 cbc.ca
Time Management Family Mie Japan Canada

Early Morning is Actually the Worst Time to Drink Coffee
2015/6/1 time.com
Coffee Health Time Management

The Benefits of Spending Time Alone, According to Science
2015/7/28 time.com
Mental Health/Psychology Lifestyle Time Management

Why Exercising Is a Higher Priority Than My Career
2015/5/5 time.com
Exercise & Health Lifestyle Time Management

So most women don't wash every day - what's the big deal!
2015/2/25 npr.org
Lifestyle Feminism Time Management Health Family 6pm

The Most Well-Rested and Sleep-Deprived Cities in the World
2014/8/19 TIME
Time Management Australia Tokyo

5 Scientific Secrets to Naps That Will Make You Happier and Smarter
2014/7/3 TIME
Health Time Management

I'll Finish the Dishes When I'm Dead
2014/4/4 TIME

Lookingglass Alice - The Red Queen

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance in 5 Steps
2014/4/2 TIME

LinkedIn Speaker Series with Clayton Christensen

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Countdown for Your Events
2015/1/22 Excel file
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