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2019/12/7 United Nations
Aviation Aircraft United Nations December

NASA unveils its first all-electric plane, the X-57 Maxwell
2019/11/9 japantimes.co.jp
Aircraft NASA California Battery

Honda Aircraft hoping to land in region
2017/9/15 bangkokpost.com
Honda Jet Sales Honda Jet Honda Thailand Aircraft

Honda soars ahead in Japanese passenger jet race
2017/8/23 asia.nikkei.com
Honda Jet Business Japan Aircraft

HondaJet Ranks as Most-delivered Jet in its Category During First Half of 2017
2017/8/16 hondajet.com
Honda Jet Sales Honda Jet U.S. Aircraft

I flew the newest personal jet. It costs $2 million, parachute included
2017/5/22 money.cnn.com
Private Jets Aircraft

Honda Aircraft Company Shares HondaJet Update at EBACE 2017
2017/5/21 hondajet.com
Private Jets Aircraft Honda Jet Panama

Pratt, 3 Japanese partners to make engines for mid-range jetliners
2017/4/2 asia.nikkei.com
Aircraft Business Japan

What you need to know: SpaceX's historic relaunch of Falcon 9
2017/3/31 usatoday.com
Aircraft Space U.S.

Honda faces long haul to recoup jet costs
2017/3/27 reuters.com
Honda Jet U.S. Aircraft

Honda plans to increase business jet production
2016/11/12 thenational.ae
Honda Jet U.S. Aircraft

HondaJet Sets Two Speed Records Flying between the Northeast and South Florida
2016/10/31 businesswire.com
Honda Jet Florida Aircraft U.S.

Donald Trump's Private Air Force One Plane Documentary 2016
2016/7/30 youtube.com
Republicans U.S. Aircraft

Solar-Powered Plane Completes First Round-the-World Flight
2016/7/25 time.com
Aircraft Clean Energy Switzerland

Boeing readies high-flying celebration for 100th anniversary
2016/6/19 usatoday.com
Aircraft Travel

We Fly: Honda Aircraft HA-420
2016/6/28 flyingmag.com
Honda Jet Aircraft

Pilot Report: Flying The HondaJet HA-420
2016/5/26 aviationweek.com
Honda Jet Aircraft

We Fly It First: HondaJet Arrives!
2016/5/25 planeandpilotmag.com
Aircraft Honda Jet

Solar Impulse lands in California after Pacific crossing
2016/4/24 bbc.com
Aircraft Energy Switzerland California U.S.

HondaJet Debuts in Mexico
2016/3/17 forbes.com
Honda Jet Mexico Aircraft

The Honda Jet
Aircraft Facebook Honda Jet

Congratulations to NASA/JPL Dawn Project Team winner of the 2015 ROBERT J. COLLIER TROPHY
2016/3/8 naa.aero
Aircraft NASA

Honda fetes first HondaJet deliveries in U.S.
2016/1/22 japantimes.co.jp
Honda Jet Aircraft North Carolina U.S.

ANA to buy Airbus A380 jumbo jets, boost Hawaii service
2016/1/1 asia.nikkei.com
Aircraft Travel Japan Hawaii

Honda Aircraft Company Begins HondaJet Deliveries
2015/12/23 businesswire.com
Honda Jet Aircraft North Carolina

Honda's flagship business jet ready for takeoff
2015/12/11 asia.nikkei.com
Honda Jet Aircraft Business Honda Japan

Honda's business jet certified fit to fly by U.S. regulators
2015/12/11 japantimes.co.jp
Honda Jet Aircraft Business Honda Japan

FAA clears HondaJet fordelivery
2015/12/9 myfox8.com
Honda Jet Aircraft North Carolina U.S.

Turkish Airlines special plane "KUSHIMOTO" lands in Narita Airport; an emotional meeting after 30 years
2015/11/30 turkishairlines.com
Aircraft Turkey Wakayama Japan History Iraq

Video - Canadian inventor tests new prototype of record-setting hoverboard
2015/10/15 cbc.ca
Aircraft Technology Canada

Toyota patent app highlights flying car dreams
2015/9/11 slashgear.com
Cars Toyota Aircraft

Tony Fernandes
2015/4/16 time.com
Travel Aircraft Company Malaysia 47 countries Asia, ASEAN
AirAsia encyclopedia thefreedictionary.com

The Airbus E-Fan Takes To The Skies
2015/8/7 talkmarkets.com
Aircraft Clean Energy

Honda Aircraft Expands Global Reach
2015/7/21 forbes.com
Honda Jet Sales Honda Jet Brazil Latin America Brazil Aircraft

Should You Buy Honda Stock Before The HondaJet Launch?
2015/6/17 investopedia.com
Honda Jet Honda Investment Stock Aircraft

Solar-Powered Plane Lands in Hawaii After Record-Breaking 5-Day Journey
2015/7/3 time.com
Oceans Energy Aircraft Hawaii U.S.

Solar Impulse lands in Hawaii after longest non-stop solo flight in history
2015/7/3 theguardian.com
Energy Aircraft Hawaii U.S.

Solar Impulse Airplane: Landing in Hawaii

Solar Impulse close to Hawaii after breaking non-stop solo flight record
2015/7/3 theguardian.com
Energy Aircraft Hawaii U.S.

LIVE: Solar Impulse Airplane - In Flight from Nagoya to Hawaii 17 - #RTW Attempt

Solar-powered plane finally leaves Japan for Hawaii
2015/6/28 usatoday.com
Energy Aircraft Aichi Japan Hawaii U.S.

Mitsubishi Spreads Its Wings
2014/10 23 bloomberg.com
Aircraft Business Japan

This New Honda Does 483 Miles Per Hour
2015/5/18 time.com
Honda Jet Aircraft Business Japan Sales Honda Jet

Italy Plane Crash That Killed One Pilot Caught On Video After Aerobatic Aircraft Collide
2015/6/1 huffingtonpost.co.uk
Aircraft Catastrophe Italy

Solar Impulse: Weather threatens Pacific crossing attempt
2015/6/1 bbc.com
Aircraft Energy Switzerland China Hawaii

Marshall Aviation Services appointed HondaJet Northern Europe dealership
2015/5/19 marshalladg.com
Sales Honda Jet Business UK EU Europe Aircraft

European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2015)
2015/5/19 - 21 Geneva
Program Schedule
Aircraft Business

Jet Photos

HondaJet in public flight debut - and it's coming to Britain
2015/4/14 motoringresearch.com
Honda Jet Sales Honda Jet EU Europe UK Germany Switzerland

How The HondaJet Took Flight: An Engineer's 29-YearObsession
2015/5/6 forbes.com
Honda Jet Aircraft Technology

Month-long state of emergency in Nunavut hamlet finally lifted
2015/5/1 nunatsiaqonline.ca
Energy Aircraft Canada

Here's a time lapse video of the Antonov 124 aircraft landing
2015/5/1 facebook.com/video

Car maker Honda unveils first business jet
2015/4/23 news.yahoo.com
Aircraft Honda Jet Honda North Carolina U.S.

Are we seeing the end of the era for the 'super-jumbo'?
2015/4/23 bbc.com
Aircraft Business Technology

Mitsubishi Spreads Its Wings
2014/10/23 bloomberg.com
Aircraft Business Japan Brazil

FLYING HONDA By Sandra Katzman
2013 Untold Story Winner usjinnovate.org
Aircraft Technology Honda Jet Osaka Japan

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