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2020/12/7 Naval Legends: Pearl Harbor
World War II 1941 History Hawaii

Okinawa marks 76th anniversary of the Battle of Okinawa
6/23/2021 asahi.com
World War II 1945 History Okinawa-ken

In Photos: Okinawa Pref. Archives release WWII images taken on Saipan, Tinian by US forces
2020/4/24 mainichi.jp
World War II Saipan Okinawa-ken 1944

Daughter keeps Nagasaki A-bomb victim's anger alive via testimony
2023/8/9 mainichi.jp
World War II History Nagasaki 1945

2020/8/7 ntv.co.jp
Nagasaki Japan World War II History 1945 World War II

Survivor of brutal Battle of Okinawa shares worst memories
2020/6/22 asahi.com
World War II History Okinawa-ken 1945

Battle of Okinawa
World War II History Okinawa 1945

Residents honor victims of Battle of Okinawa on Memorial Day
2019/6/23 asahi.com
History World War II Okinawa

The summit that kick-started Okinawa's reversion
2019/11/27 japantimes.co.jp
1969 1972 History Diplomacy Okinawa-ken

Japan unveils dawn of the 'Reiwa' era
2019/4/1 excelfan.com
History Generations Calendar Japan

Crown Prince ready to honor legacy in new role as next emperor
2019/2/23 japantimes.co.jp
Generations History

Japanese Cabinet OKs bill to make 10-day Golden Week holiday around 2019 Imperial succession
2018/11/13 japantimes.co.jp
Generations Calendar History

Osaka severs sister-city ties with San Francisco over 'comfort women' statue
2018/10/3 japantimes.co.jp
Diplomacy San Francisco History Korea Osaka

Japan prepares for arrival of 248th era
2016/6/17 asia.nikkei.com
Calendar History Japan

Emperor meets Vietnamese wives, kin abandoned by Japan's veterans after war
2017/3/2 japantimes.co.jp
History Japan World War II Vietnam

The Story of Tojin Okichi
2014/11 en.japantravel.com
March Calendar History Lovers Shizuoka Japan

South Korea and Japan Settle Deal on Wartime Korean Sex Slaves
2015/12/28 time.com
World War II History Korea Japan

Turkish Airlines special plane "KUSHIMOTO" lands in Narita Airport; an emotional meeting after 30 years
2015/11/30 turkishairlines.com
Aircraft Turkey Wakayama Japan History Iraq

Shipwreck Brings Friendship
2015/2/17 3.nhk.or.jp
Ships Turkey Wakayama Japan History

Pearl Harbor Day, "A date which will live in infamy."
2015/12/7 usatoday.com
World War II History Japan History Hawaii U.S. December Calendar

Japan hits out as UNESCO archives 'Nanjing Massacre' documents
2015/10/10 japantimes.co.jp
History History Japan United Nations China

Abe: Japan must face history, but future generations should not have to keep apologizing
2015/8/14 japantoday.com
Prime Minister History Japan Asia

Hiroshima: Bun Hashizume's story of survival
2015/8/5 bbc.co.uk
Catastrophe History Japan World War II Nuclear Energy US Hiroshima Japan August Calendar

4 Pearl Harbor Survivors Gather For Reunion, Vow It's Not Their Last
2014/12/2 HUFFPOST
History Military Japan Hawaii U.S.

Richard Flanagan wins Man Booker prize with 'timeless depiction of war'
2014/10/14 The Guardian
Authors Books UK History < Japan Australia

Mar 11, 2011 CE: Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
2023/3/1 education.nationalgeographic.org
Nuclear Energy Nuclear Energy Tsunami Fukushima Archive 2011

Hot Spot
2002/7/22 TIME
Nagasaki History Japan

Why We Must Disarm the U.S.'s Unprecedented Nuclear Arsenal
2014/8/6 TIME
Politics Opinion U.S. Hiroshima History Japan

Last surviving Hiroshima bomb crew member dies
2014/7/29 BBC
Generations Pennsylvania U.S. History Japan Hiroshima

Last of the Navajo Code Talkers Dies at 93
2014/6/4 TIME
Japan Military New Mexico
Chester Nez, last of original Navajo code talkers of World War II, dies
2014/6/4 CNN

Virginia vote on Sea of Japan hands victory to Koreans
2014/2/6 reuters.com
Diplomacy State Japan History Korea Virginia U.S.

Remembering Japan's 'deserters'
2012/8/22 Japan Times
History Japan Australia

Google Calendar

Japan's Lawmakers Launch Campaign Against 'Comfort Women' Memorials
2014/2/25 TIME

東京裁判 - 東条英機の頭をはたく大川周明

VIDEO: The Story Behind the Iconic Iwo Jima Photograph
2014/3/22 TIME

Israel Direct Bank - Big In Japan commercial

Dazaifu Tenman-gu
2014/10/1 telegraph.co.uk
History Travel Fukuoka-ken 47 prefectures

Edoardo Chiossone  (Arenzano 1833 - Tōkyō 1898)
Art History Italy

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