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The 5 Most Important Points of Pope Francis's Climate Change Encyclical
2015/6/18 time.com
Climate Change Pope

Pope Francis Urges Muslim Leaders to Condemn Violence
2014/11/30 TIME
Turkey Religion

Pope Francis' 'Soft Power' Diplomacy Aims to Bring Islam Into the Modern World
2014/10/14 TIME
Religion Albania Europe

Albania profile
2014/11/11 bbc.com

Pope Francis calls on European Parliament to accept migrants: 'We cannot allow the Mediterranean to become a vast cemetery''
2014/11/25 independent.co.uk

Can Europe Stop the Mediterranean From Turning Into a Graveyard?
2013/12/9 world.time.com
Europe Africa Religion

The Bishops Are Catching Up To Pope Francis on Gay Rights
2014/10/13 TIME
Religion LGBT

Pope Urges World to Shed Apathy Toward New Threats
2014/9/13 TIME
Regret Religion Middle East

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