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Military U.S. Diseases Crimes LGBT

Obama Names LGBT Landmark As National Monument
LGBT Presidency New York U.S.

Announcing the Stonewall National Monument
2016/6/24 White House

The Orlando Attack Cannot Silence LGBT Pride
2016/6/13 motto.time
Guns LGBT Florida U.S.

A Comprehensive LGBT Nondiscrimination Bill Is Coming
LGBT Oregon U.S. Democrats Law Lawmaker

Abby Wambach Kissing Her Wife After Winning the World Cup Will Warm Your Heart
Soccer LGBT

The Ties That Bind
LGBT Diplomacy Vietnam

Federal Judge Orders Alabama to Comply With Gay Marriage Ruling
LGBT Court Alabama Arkansas Mississippi U.S.

This Map Shows How Gay Marriage Spread Across the United States
Regulation LGBT U.S. 50 States

Why June 26 Should Be a National Holiday to Honor Progress
LGBT Law Court Jun

Supreme Court Orders States to Recognize Same-Sex Marriage
LGBT Law Court Regulation U.S. 50 States

Ireland Votes to Legalize Gay Marriage in Historic Referendum
LGBT Law Ireland Europe EU

Ireland same-sex marriage referendum: 'Yes' wins
LGBT Ireland

Ireland expected to back gay marriage in landmark referendum
LGBT Law Ireland EU Europe

Last Sodomy Ban in Europe Repealed
LGBT Law Turkey Northern Cyprus EU Europe

Cuba gay pride parade pushes for same-sex marriage
LGBT Law Cuba

The Marriage 'Handbook' That Proves Gay Marriage Should Win
LGBT Law Lawsuit Jobs Michigan U.S.

The Supreme Court's Conservatives Switch Sides in Gay Marriage Logic
LGBT Law Verdict

Children's Authors: Leslea Newman and Candy Gourlay
Authors LGBT Philippines Radio The Conversation Home BBC Feminism

Tokyo ward Shibuya certifies same-sex partnerships
LGBT Tokyo-to 47 prefectures Japan

Tokyo's Shibuya Ward adopts ordinance to recognize same-sex unions
LGBT Tokyo-to 47 prefectures Japan

Simon Doonan Every Expense Was Spared
LGBT Ireland California U.S. Radio

U.S. Gets First Openly Bisexual Governor in History
LGBT Feminism Oregon U.S.

Know Right Now: Gay Marriages Go Ahead in Alabama
LGBT Law Alabama

Gay Alabama Lawmaker Threatens To Expose Colleagues' Marital Infidelities
LGBT Law Alabama

High Court to Hear Gay Marriage Cases in April

Here's What the Supreme Court Could Do on Gay Marriage

Jeb Bush Urges 'Respect' for Florida Gay-Marriage Ruling, but Declines Specifics
2015/1/5 TIME
LGBT Florida U.S.

Finnish Parliament approves same-sex marriage
Finland LGBT

He's the other politician with a white mother and a black Kenyan father

MP Jani Toivola inspires audience in a panel on comprehensive sexuality education in New York
Finland Kenya LGBT

Same-sex penguin parents spark literary controversy in Singapore
Singapore's 'Pink Dot' LGBT Rights Rally Was Bigger Than Ever, Despite #WearWhite Opponents
Singapore LGBT

Gay-Marriage Ruling Means High Court Review Likely
2014/11/6 TIME

Apple CEO Tim Cook Is 'Proud to Be Gay'
2014/10/29 TIME
Apple LGBT U.S.

U.S. To Recognize Same-Sex Marriage In 6 New States

The Bishops Are Catching Up To Pope Francis on Gay Rights
2014/10/13 TIME
Religion LGBT

TIME quotes the result of a poll by Gallup who posed the question "DO YOU LIVE IN A GAY-FRIENDLY COMMUNITY?", as a sampling in its column World in September 23 issue.
"Gallup posed the question to over 123 countries. Here is a sampling of those who said yes:
83% Netherlands, 70% U.S., 24% Greece, 2% Uganda, 1% Senegal"
Nearly 3 in 10 Worldwide See Their Areas as Good for Gays
2014/8/27 GALLUP
LGBT Netherlands Greece Africa

Long Beach's 1st Latino, openly gay mayor takes office
California U.S. LGBT Hispanic and Latino Americans Politics

Not so gay in Russia, India and Australia
2013/12/16 Washington Post
LGBT Australia India Russia

The 36 Best Things About Hawaii (Yes, Really)
2014/9/4 HUFFPOST
Travel LGBT Hawaii U.S.

Abercrombie Blames Historic Primary Loss On Gay Marriage
2014/8/30 HUFFPOST
Politics LGBT Hawaii U.S.

How A Simple Request Sparked George Takei's 27-Year Love Story With Husband Brad Altman (VIDEO)
2014/8/18 HUFF POST
LGBT Entertainment U.S.

Obama Urged to Address LGBT Rights in Africa
2014/7/29 TIME
LGBT Africa State U.S.

Media Was a "Soul-Crushing Monster" for Gays, Says George Takei
2014/5/5 TIME
LGBT Law Entertainment California U.S.

This Cashier Told Obama A Gay Sex Joke And Got The Best Reaction
2014/7/14 HUFF POST
LGBT Politics Texas U.S.

Australian Swimmer Ian Thorpe Comes Out as Gay
2014/7/13 TIME
LGBT Sports Australia

Judge: Same-Sex Couples Can Keep Marrying in Colorado
2014/7/10 TIME
LGBT Law Colorado U.S.

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Utah Gay Marriage Ban
2014/6/25 TIME
LGBT Utah U.S.
Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Utah's Same-Sex Marriage Ban
2014/6/25 NPR

Luxembourg Approves Same Sex Marriage
2014/6/18 TIME
LGBT Luxembourg World

First Couples Wed as Gay Marriage Becomes Legal in UK
2014/3/29 TIME
LGBT U.K.. World

France Legalizes Gay Marriage Despite Vocal and Angry Opposition
2013/4/23 TIME
LGBTFrance World

First Openly Gay Black Male Federal Judge Confirmed
2014/6/17 TIME
Justice LGBT Florida

Obama to Sign Executive Order on LGBT Discrimination
2014/6/16 TIME

Here's a Video Mashup of Rick Perry Talking About Gays
2014/6/12 TIME
Opinion LGBT Texas < USA

Watch High School Boys Explain Why They're Feminists
2014/6/11 TIME
High School New York

Feminist high school boys ask: Are you a feminist?
Feminist Teacher

Laverne Cox Loves 'Trouble'
2014/6/9 Tell Me More NPR
LGBT Radio

Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Gay Marriage Ban
2014/6/6 TIME
LGBT Wisconsin < USA

Board Rules That Medicare Can Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery
2014/5/30 TIME
LGBT Conneticut < USA

America's Transgender Homecoming Queen Speaks Out
2014/5/29 TIME
LGBT California < USA

Pennsylvania Won't Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Case
2014/5/21 TIME
LGBT Law Pennsylvania U.S.

Judge Strikes Down Oregon Gay Marriage Ban
2014/5/19 TIME
LGBT Law Oregon U.S.

Gay Marriage on Hold in Arkansas Following New Ruling
2014/5/16 TIME
LGBT Arkansas < USA

Same-Sex Couple Sues Alabama to Have Marriage Recognized
2014/5/7 TIME
LGBT Alabama < USA

X-Men Director Bryan Singer Denies Sexual Abuse Claims
2014/4/24 TIME
Entertainment/LGBT Hawaii

Federal Suit Filed to Overturn Georgia's Gay Marriage Ban
2014/4/22 TIME
LGBT Georgia < U.S.

Louisiana Upholds Anti-Sodomy Law
2014/4/16 TIME
LGBT Louisiana < USA

Mozilla CEO Resigns Amid Controversy Over Stance Against Gay Marriage
2014/4/3 TIME
LGBT Social Media

Hawaii Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill
2013/11/12 TIME
LGBT Law Hawaii U.S.

Maine Governor Candidate Says He's Gay, 'But Why Should It Matter?'
2013/11/4 TIME
LGBT Maine

Transgender Community Steps Closer to Employment Equality
2013/9/16 TIME
LGBT South Dakota U.S.

A Midwestern Mayor Evangelizes for Gay Marriage - and Its Economic Bonanza
2013/9/9 TIME
LGBT Minnesota U.S.

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