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Life in the Most Polluted Capital in the World
2018/3/23 time.com
Pollution Greenhouse Gas Emissions World Health Organization (WHO) UNICEF Mongolia

Diabetes Has Nearly Doubled Globally Since 1980
2016/4/6 time.com
Diabetes World Health Organization (WHO)

'Encouraging' Ebola drug results in Guinea
2015/2/4 yahoo.com
Health Medicine World Health Organization (WHO) Guinea Japan Fuji Film Holdings

If You Shouldn't Call It The Third World, What Should You Call It?
2015/1/5 NPR
Poverty World Health Organization (WHO)

Liberians Meet Death With Flowers, Trumpets And Cameras
2014/11/13 npr.org
Liberia WHO Africa

Ebola outbreak: NY doctor Craig Spencer tests positive
2014/10/24 BBC
WHO New York U.S.

Cuba calling: what this small island can teach the world about disease control
2014/10/23 theguardian.com
Africa WHO

17 Texas Kindergarteners Contract Ebola After Exposure To Liberian Foreign Exchange Student
2014/10/20 nationalreport.net
WHO Africa Texas U.S.

In Conspicuous Success, Senegal Is Declared Ebola-Free
2014/10/18 New York Times
WHO Africa

Nigeria is Ebola-Free: Here's What They Did Right
2014/10/19 TIME
WHO Endorses Experimental Drug Use
2014/8/12 TIME
Who Gets the Experimental Ebola Drugs?
2014/8/12 TIME

Latest Ebola Treatment: Japan offers experimental anti-influenza drug called Avigan (favipiravir)
2014/8/25 The Health Site
Health Japan World Health Organization (WHO)

Successful treatment of advanced Ebola virus infection with T-705 (favipiravir) in a small animal model
May 2014 sciencedirect.com
WHO Avigan

Photojournalism Daily: Oct. 3, 2014
Ebola in Sierra Leone

2014/10/3 TIME
Health World Health Organization (WHO) TIME Photos Africa

How the World Health Assembly works
Media Center WHO

Patients for Patient Safety (PFPS) Webinar Series - Presenters bios
Patient Safety WHO

The 6 Germiest Places On a Plane
2014/5/20 TIME

Preventing germs from spreading among children

Officials Say Ebola Outbreak Could Last Months
2014/4/8 TIME

West Africa Ebola outbreak among 'most challenging' ever: WHO
2014/4/9 USA TODAY
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