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Japan's Kaji, the "godfather of Sudoku," dies at 69
8/17/2020 reuters.com
Google Excel Tokyo-to Games<

7/3/2021 blogger.com
Google Excel

Google Spreadsheet

Google Products
2014/8/17 BlogSpot Google


Google Spreadsheet Calendar
Calendar Google

Google Spreadsheet Dow Jones Industrial Average Update
Investment Google

Google spreadsheet IMF Exchange Rates: Japanese Yen to US Dollar

Investment Google

Google Spreadsheet Rugby World Cup Japan 2019
Rugby Google

Google Unveils a 3-Decade Time-Lapse of the Earth
2017/4/22 time.com
Maps Google

Honda seeks data prowess in Google partnership
2016/12/23 asia.nikkei.com
Honda U.S. Driverless Cars Google

The U.K. Is Googling What the E.U. Is Hours After It Voted to Leave
2016/6/24 time.com
Google UK EU

Google Tricks That Will Change the Way You Search
2016/2/6 motto.time.com
Google Information Technology Web

Who Is SCHAFT, the Robot Company Bought by Google and Winner of the DRC?
2015/2/6 spectrum.ieee.org
Robotics Google Driverless Cars Fukushima Google Japan

Google Overtakes Apple as the World's Most Valuable Public Company
2016/2/1 time.com
Stock, Shares Google Apple

Google Doodle Takes Trick-or-Treating to the Next Level With Halloween Candy Game
2015/10/30 time.com
Holidays October Internet Google

Google Just Made the Biggest Change in the Company's History Alphabet
2015/8/10 time.com
Google Company

Google+ profile no longer needed for YouTube, other Google platforms
2015/7/27 usatoday.com
Google Information Technology YouTube

How to Make a Google Doodle
2015/7/16 time.com
Google Computer Information Technology

Edit photos on a computer
2015/7/16 support.google.com
Photos Google Computer

Google Apps Release Calendar
What's New? Google Information Technology Calendar

Are Google's 11 Driverless Car Accidents Scary-or Really Impressive?
2015/5/12 singularityhub.com
Driverless Cars Google Technology

See Everything You've Ever Googled in One Terrifying Place
2015/4/21 time.com
Google Internet Information Technology Web
web thefreedictionary.com

Google Deploys Person Finder Tool to Help Survivors of Nepal Earthquake
2015/4/25 time.com
Nepal India Google Information Technology

Google Executive Killed in Everest Avalanche After Nepal Quake
2015/4/25 time.com
Google Mountains Nepal

The First YouTube Video Was Uploaded 10 Years Ago Today
2015/4/23 time.com
Information Technology Internet Google YouTube

How YouTube turned 13 ordinary people (and 1 cat) into superstars
2015/4/23 cbc.ca
YouTube Arts Information Technology Internet Google

Google Spreadsheet Rugby World Cup Japan 2019
Rugby Google

"Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly."
2015/5/3 Mobile-Friendly Test
Google Information Technology
Mobile-Friendly Test BlogSpot Google

Ranking change to help you find mobile-friendly sites rolling out today
2015/4/21 insidesearch.blogspot.jp
Information Technology Internet Google

Q&A session for mobile-friendly ranking change

Helping Users Find Mobile Friendly Pages
2014/11/18 googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.jp
Information Technology Internet Google

How Google and Apple Plan to Invade Your Next Car
2014/6/30 time.com
Apple Google Technology Business Cars

Google Drive Just Got a Whole Lot Better
2014/12/17 time.com
Google Information Technology

Cracking The Girl Code: How to End the Tech Gender Gap
2014/7/31 TIME
Education U.S. Information Technology U.S. Google

Google Invests $50 Million To Close the Tech Gender Gap
2014/6/19 TIME
Social Media Google California U.S.

Driverless Cars Are Coming, Whether We Want Them or Not
2014/5/7 TIME

See Coachella Through the Eyes of Google Glass
2014/4/14 TIME

Google Snaps Up Solar Drone Maker
2014/4/14 TIME

11 Google Search Tips Everyone Should Know
2014/3/27 TIME

10 Incredibly Useful Google Search Tips

What if Google was a Guy? Your Watchlist for 1/22

Your day gets a little easier when signed in to Google

Google Glass-wearing Writer Claims Attack at San Francisco bar
2014/2/25 TIME

Google Groups Collaborative Inbox

Sound-based login startup joins Google tech chorus

Google Buys Artificial Intelligence Startup
"Deep Mind" For Over $400M


Google to buy artificial intelligence company


Meet the Nest Learning Thermostat


Google to acquire Nest for $3.2 billion in cash

Google Nexus 7: In Play

Turkish PM Threatens to Ban Facebook, YouTube

Anti-Muslim Video Still Stirring Controversy In The Courtroom
2014/3/6 NPR

Innocence of Muslims Talk

2013/10/18 YouTube

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