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Go West, Young Fam: Renters Are Leaving Austin For Denver And Seattle Because It's Unaffordable.
2017/8/15 kut.org/
Housing Colorado Washington Florida Texas Austin

Developers shift attention to Waikiki's Kuhio Avenue
2016/7/22 travelweekly.com
Housing Travel Kuhio Av Honolulu

Luxury developer who threatened boycott over stalled permits strikes conciliatory tone
2017/5/12 hawaiinewsnow.com
Housing Architecture Honolulu Ala Moana China

Airbnb Broadens Its Business With Tours and Travel Experiences
2016/11/17 nytimes.com
Housing Travel U.S.

Find Home Trulia money.time.com Money

Watch Donald Trump's Name Get Removed From a New York City Apartment Building
2016/11/16 time.com
Housing Republicans New York U.S.

Living In Your Car, By Choice
2016/10/24 cpr.org
Housing Feminism Colorado U.S.

Mobile Home Park Owners Can Spoil An Affordable American Dream
2016/12/26 npr.org
Housing Idaho U.S.

America's trailer parks: the residents may be poor but the owners are getting rich
2015/5/3 theguardian.com
Investment Housing Lifestyle Jobs Business Florida U.S.

Living Hawaii: Many Residents Are Leaving High-Priced Honolulu
2015/7/31 civilbeat.com
Housing Honolulu Hawaii

Make-A-Wish Grants 4-Year-Old's Simple Request To 'Live Comfortably' At Home
2015/3/28 huffingtonpost.com
Medicine Health Care Children Housing Hawaii U.S.

The Four Paddle
2015/3/17 marketwatch.com
Travel Housing Hawaii U.S.

Architecture Housing Lifestyle

Brooklyn Is Now the Least Affordable Housing Market in the Country gentrification
2014/12/6 TIME
Housing California New York U.S.

These Places Have the Best Housing Bargains in the Country
2014/8/8 TIME MONEY
Housing Business Living U.S. Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina Nebraska Iowa

8 Ways to Make Your Home a Staycation Paradise
2014/6/20 TIME
Housing Weekend

12 Cities Where Homes Are Flying Off the Market
2014/6/1 TIME
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