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Aramco Emerges Ahead of Apple as World痴 Most Profitable Company
Finance Business Company Apple Saudi Arabia

Verizon Agrees to Buy Yahoo for $5 Billion, Reports Say
Business Information Technology Internet U.S.

Ouch! 5 CEOs lost $20B this year
Money Business

Moving Forward with America's High-Speed Rail Projects
Trains Business Business Texas California New York U.S.

The Spin on Aspartame
Food Chemistry Chemicals Diabetes Business U.S. Business Japan
Aspartame encyclopedia

Why Obama's Visit to Nike Bothers Liberals
Trade Business State Asia Oregon U.S.

America's trailer parks: the residents may be poor but the owners are getting rich
Investment Housing Lifestyle Jobs Business Florida U.S.

Why Inc. Stock Skyrocketed Today
Investment Business Amazon Internet

Living Hawaii: How Much Does Shipping Increase the Cost of Living?
2015/4/6 HUFF POST
Money Business Hawaii U.S.

The HondaJet's Brand-New Engine Is Finally Approved For Flight
Honda Jet Business North Carolina U.S.

Honda Aero Receives FAA Production Certificate For HF120 Turbofan Jet Engine in North Carolina
Honda Jet Honda Business Business North Carolina U.S.

HSBC's Swiss private bank referred to French criminal court
Business Switzerland France

Here's Why the Apple Car Is Making Auto Executives Nervous
Apple Cars Technology Business

How Google and Apple Plan to Invade Your Next Car
Apple Google Technology Business Cars

See What It's Actually Like to Use the Apple Watch
Apple Information Technology Business U.S.
The Apple Watch Goes On Sale April 24

Solar plane journey's first leg ends
Energy Environment Climate Change Business UK
#‎SolarImpulse Facebook

Medicine Is About to Get Personal
Health Medicine Jobs Home Economics Washington U.S.

Know Right Now: Cyber Monday Has Biggest Year Yet, While Black Friday Busts
Business Information Technology Amazon Nov Calendar

Cyber Monday in United States
Business U.S. Nov Calendar

The Next Financial Catastrophe You Haven't Heard About Yet: Puerto Rico
2014/3/12 TIME
Business U.S. Puerto Rico

Firestone and the Warlord
Liberia Business U.S. Firesotne Africa

Oil Prices Hit 3-Year Low
2014/10/13 TIME
Energy Middle East Russia Business U.S.

Honda aims for 1/3 of global small-sized jet engine market
Honda Business North Carolina U.S.

Drying Up? Six Industries at Big Risk in California's Drought
2014/7/29 TIME
Weather U.S. Business California U.S.

Why Everyone Who Lives in Alaska Is Getting $1,884 Today
2014/10/1 TIME
Energy Business Alaska U.S.

EU Sets Russia Ultimatum, Threatens Sanctions
2014/8/30 TIME
EU Europe Russia Conflict Business

China's Alibaba Finds Riches on Wall Street
2014/9/19 TIME
Business< StocksU.S. China

6 Years Later, 7 Lessons from Lehman's Collapse
2014/9/14 TIME
Stocks U.S.

"From a technical perspective, the recession is very likely over at this point."
- BEN BERNANKE, Federal Reserve Chairman
2009/9/15 Quotes of the Day TIME
Business Business U.S. September Calendar

California Set to Enact First Statewide Ban of Plastic Bags
2014/9/5 TIME
Business Law Environment California U.S.

Widened Panama Canal may threaten West Coast port jobs
Panama California U.S. Business

Dropping Oil Prices Threaten Moscow's Budget
2014/8/26 TIME
Russia Energy Business

Judge in Collusion Case: Silicon Valley Was Afraid of Steve Jobs
2014/8/9 TIME
Justice Business Apple U.S.

These Places Have the Best Housing Bargains in the Country
2014/8/8 TIME MONEY
Housing Business Living U.S. Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina Nebraska Iowa

Time Warner Posts Solid Earnings But Shares Still Lag
2014/8/7 TIME
TIME Business Stocks U.S.

HondaJet prepares for take off with aviation venture
2014/7/31 Japan Times

First production HondaJet debuts at Oshkosh
Business Japan Business U.S. Wisconsin

Vultures show Argentina no mercy
Argentina, Latain America New York Business U.S.

Radio - How (Not) To Start A Pizzeria: A Real-Life Survival Guide
Food America's Test Kitchen Books Business NPR Washington

Largest Companies by Revenue in Each State: MAP
2014/6/17 Broadview
Business U.S. Maps

First Production Hondajet Takes Flight in Greensboro
Honda Business North Carolina U.S.

 Excel Chart: IMF Exchange Rates: Japanese Yen to US Dollar  Business

 Excel Chart: Cushing, OK WTI Spot Price FOB (Dollars per Barrel)

Excel Chart: Daily Gold Price in US Dollars per Troy Ounce, London PM Fix in Excel
2014/9/26 Updated

Earthquake Insurance Becomes Boom Industry in Oklahoma
2014/6/17 TIME
Business Environment Oklahoma U.S.

The State That's Beginning to Wish It Never Got Rich
2014/2/20 TIME
Business North Dakota U.S.

Time Inc shares receive cool first day reception

5 States With the Absolute Toughest Unions
2014/5/30 TIME
Business U.S. Hawaii, Rhode Island

There Are Now More Female Fortune 500 CEOs Than Ever
2014/6/3 TIME
Business U.S.

Everybody Hates Time Warner Cable and Comcast
2014/5/20 TIME
TIME Business U.S.

Here Are the 10 Richest Towns in America
2014/5/15 TIME
Business USA

Status update: 10 years in, Facebook still a force
2014/2/3 USA TODAY
Business Social Media Facebook

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