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The People Vs. Coloring Books: The Verdict Is In
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NPR stories about A Night in the Emperor's Garden
Authors Books April September Calendar Afghanistan Massachusetts U.S.

Hitler's Mein Kampf to go on sale in Germany for first time in 70 years with new 1,949 page annotated edition
World War II Books Germany

Review: Jonathan Franzen's Purity Examines Wealth and Identity
Books Authors Internet

The Only Two Investing Books You Really Need to Read
Investment Books

Should You Read Middle Grade Books? A Flowchart
Books Children Elementary School Amazon New York

29 Books That Will Enrich Your Inner Literati
Books History Culture

After His Brother's Suicide, Writer Seeks Comfort In 'All The Wrong Places'
Authors Books Family NPR

Using Phonics Makes Learning to Read Easier, Says Study
Education Children Elementary School

After Father's Death, A Writer Learns How 'The Japanese Say Goodbye'
2015/1/27 NPR
Japan Fukushima Authors Books

Tracing Slave Ancestry Just Got Easier
African Americans Hispanic and Latino Americans History U.S.

A Family's Truth Traced Back to the Slave Trade
Rhode Island U.S. Cuba Ghana
Excerpt: 'Inheriting the Trade' By Thomas Norman DeWolf

Trans-Atlantic Journeys Traced In Slave Trade Atlas

25 Years Ago, Malta Summit Marked Unofficial End Of Cold War

Friends At The White House
1992/10/5 TIME

Moscow's Revolution
2009/6/18 TIME

Eddie - My Journey
Published Feb 2014

Malta Russia U.S. History Books

Sean Michaels wins the Scotiabank Giller Prize
Books Authors Canada

Novelist Murakami hails Hong Kong democracy protesters in German award speech
2014/11/6 Japan Times
Authors Japan Books < Weekend Conflict Hong Kong Germany

Crime: The Museum Jewel Robbery
1964/11/6 TIME
Jack Rowland MurphyBiography
The 50th Anniversary of New York's Most Sensational Jewel Heist
Crimes Books U.S.

Jack Murphy (Murph the Surf)

Richard Flanagan wins Man Booker prize with 'timeless depiction of war'
2014/10/14 The Guardian
Authors Books UK History < Japan Australia

Sunday,14 Sept.'14 (and Tuesday,16 Sept.'14):Kamila Shamsie Interview

Burnt Shadows
Nagasaki Japan Pakistan Authors Books Canada CBC 2014/9/10

Accused hospital fraudster Arthur Porter takes aim at former colleague Stephen Harper in new memoir
2014/9/10 nationalpost
Books Politics Canada

Dr. Arthur Porter, accused Canadian fraudster, injured in Panamanian prison riot
2014/8/13 CBC
Politics Canada

Bookless library opened by new US university
2014/8/29 The Guardian
Information Technology Books Education Florida U.S.

How Western Civilization Ended, Circa 2014
2014/7/18 Mother Jones
Climate Change China Science Books

Radio - How (Not) To Start A Pizzeria: A Real-Life Survival Guide
Food America's Test Kitchen Books Business NPR Washington

Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer
2013/6/3 TIME
Books < Weekend

Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In Love With
2014/7/9 HUFF POST
Books < Weekend

Read to Your Baby, Say Doctors - But Which Books?
2014/6/24 TIME
Books Kids

16 Great New Books To Read This Summer
2014/5/29 Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington on the Key to Finding Success (Without Burning Out)
2014/3/24 TIME

All-TIME 100 Novels
2010/1//6 TIME

"The Caregivers: A Support Group's Stories
of Slow Loss, Courage, and Love"

(Feb 11, 2014)

Caregivers Sharing Experiences:
If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now


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