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I was in Japan 14 years ago when a friend from Hiroshima wanted to introduce me to a beloved local food. It had a funny name, a funny tasteand a funny appearance. It wasn't for me.
2016/5/27 pri.org
Food Japan Hiroshima Massachusetts U.S.

Transcript of President Obama's speech in Hiroshima
2016/5/28 asia.nikkei.com
World War II Presidency Hiroshima Japan

In Hiroshima, Obama calls for mankind to turn against war
2016/5/27 asia.nikkei.com
World War II Presidency Hiroshima Japan

Obama's Hiroshima visit, 7 years in making
2016/5/26 asia.nikkei.com
Presidency Nuclear Weapon Diplomacy Hiroshima Japan 1945

President Obama Will Bring a Mixed Nuclear Message to Hiroshima
2016/5/10 time.com
Military Nuclear Energy World War II Presidency Hiroshima Japan

Obama to visit Hiroshima, make anti-nuclear speech: Nikkei
2016/4/22 japantimes.co.jp
Presidency U.S. Diplomacy Hiroshima Japan

Obama still wrestling with 'dilemma' of Hiroshima visit: Kent Calder
2016/4/9 asia.nikkei.com
Presidency U.S. Diplomacy Hiroshima Japan

Obama's dilemma on Hiroshima visit
2015/8/7 asia.nikkei.com
World War II Presidency Diplomacy Hiroshima Japan

Hiroshima Survivor Recalls Bombing In Fight To Achieve Nuclear Disarmament
2016/5/26 npr.org
World War II Generations Hiroshima Japan Nuclear Weapon

What A Hiroshima Survivor's Daughter Learned: 'War Is Hellish On Both Sides'
2016/5/30 soundcloud.com
Nuclear Weapon World War II Hiroshima Japan

Hiroshima: Bun Hashizume's story of survival
2015/8/5 bbc.co.uk
Catastrophe History Japan World War II Nuclear Energy World Nuclear Energy Japan US Hiroshima Japan August Calendar

Hiroshima's fate, 70 years ago this week, must not be forgotten
2015/8/2 theguardian.com
World War II Nuclear Energy US Hiroshima Japan Aug Calendar

President Harry Truman announces the Bombing of Hiroshima

Kenji Ekuan, designer of the classic soy sauce dispenser, dead at age 85
2014/2/9 japantimes.co.jp
Architecture Design History Hiroshima Japan

Death toll could double to over 80 in Hiroshima landslide; more rain falls
2014/8/22 Japan Today

Why We Must Disarm the U.S.'s Unprecedented Nuclear Arsenal
2014/8/6 TIME
Politics Opinion U.S. Hiroshima History Japan

Last surviving Hiroshima bomb crew member dies
2014/7/29 BBC
Generations Pennsylvania U.S. History Japan Hiroshima

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