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After The Taliban Takeover Of Kabul, Here's What We Know
Wars Military Human Rights Refugees Presidency Afghanistan

The Deep Connection Between Veterans Day and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
World War I History Wars Military US November

Cambodia's 'Descent Into Dictatorship.' Prominent Independent Paper Forced to Close
Military Cambodia

James Mattis to North Korea: Any Threat Will Be Met With 'Massive Military Response'
Military U.S. Conflict North Korea

Pentagon Begins Deploying Additional Troops to Afghanistan
ISIS Military U.S. Afghanistan

Pentagon Shoots Down Mock Warhead Over the Pacific
Military U.S. Defense Oceans The Pacific North Korea

The bombing of Afghanistan shows the US is led by a one-man wild card
White House Military U.S. Conflict Afghanistan

A Timeline of the Syrian Civil War and U.S. Response
White House Military U.S. Syria

US forces return more Okinawa land, but progress slow
Military U.S. Okinawa Japan

Blue Seal: The GI Ice Cream That Okinawans Made Their Own
Food Military Okinawa Japan

Richard McGregor --- Trump's Asian 'big bang' could upend region's diplomacy
Republicans Presidency U.S. Military China Defence Japan

The Big Question in the Battle for Mosul Is What Comes After
Conflict Military ISIS Iraq

'Pokemon Go' lies behind China's unprecedented military overhaul
Information Technology Military US China Games

Why David Gilkey Was In The Roughest Part Of Afghanistan
Wars Military Afghanistan Photos In Memoriam NPR Jobs

US lifts arms embargo on Vietnam
Military Arms Defence Vietnam

Threat from Russian and Chinese warplanes mounts
Military Conflict Defence China Russia

President Obama Will Bring a Mixed Nuclear Message to Hiroshima
Military Nuclear Energy World War II Presidency Hiroshima Japan

U.S. Forces Kill Top ISIS Leader
ISIS Military Syria

Japan PM suspends work on U.S. base on Okinawa
Military U.S. Politics Japan Okinawa-ken

Okinawa Sues Tokyo Over Relocation of U.S. Air Base
Military Defence Okinawa Japan

U.S. Pacific Fleet chief joins surveillance of South China Sea
Military U.S. Asia China

Hawaii Woman Faces Prison For Shipping Sex Work Earnings To N.J. Husband
Money Sex Crimes Hawaii Military The U.S.

Former Air Force Drone Operator Remembers His 'First Hellfire Shot'
Drones Military Afghanistan Montana U.S.

See 21 Iconic Photos of the Vietnam War
History TIME Photos Military U.S. Vietnam

Veterans Behind The Camera
Jobs Colorado U.S. Military Movies Iraq

U.S. Marine Charged With Murder in Northwest Philippines
2014/12/15 TIME
Crimes Military U.S. Philippines

U.S. Hostage Killed During Failed Rescue Attempt in Yemen
2014/12/6 TIME
Yemen Military U.S. Regret Middle East

4 Pearl Harbor Survivors Gather For Reunion, Vow It's Not Their Last
2014/12/2 HUFFPOST
History Military Japan Hawaii U.S.

Assange welcome in Ecuador embassy 'as long as necessary'
Ecuador Sweden USA UK Information Technology Military U.S.

U.S. committed to Futenma relocation plan: official
2014/11/18 Japan Times
Military U.S. State Okinawa Japan

A World War I hero's family found his story alive and well in Belgium
2014/11/11 WGBH
Belgium Europe Military Holidays U.S.

U.S.Bombs ISIS Sites in Syria and Targets Khorasan Group
2014/9/22 NBC
Military Politics U.S. Middle East

U.S. Launches Air-Strike Campaign Against ISIS in Syria
2014/9/22 TIME
Politics Military U.S. Middle East

Russian bombers increase flights near U.S. airspace
2014/8/7 USA TODAY
Russia Alaska Military U.S.

VA Appointment Delays Keep Getting Worse
2014/6/9 TIME
Military Arizona

Last of the Navajo Code Talkers Dies at 93
2014/6/4 TIME
Japan Military New Mexico
Chester Nez, last of original Navajo code talkers of World War II, dies
2014/6/4 CNN

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, Lone American Still Held in Afghanistan, Safely Returned
2014/5/31 TIME
Military Idaho < U.S.

Watch Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl's Parents Speak Tearfully About Their Son's Return
2014/6/1 TIME
Military Idaho < U.S.

Woman Loses 100 Pounds For Soldier Husband's Return Home
2014/3/18 TIME

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