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Henry Kissinger Is Dead at 100; Shaped the Nation's Cold War History
2023/11/29 nytimes.com
Diplomacy Wars White House

Coronavirus guidelines now the rule at White House
2021/1/22 mainichi.jp
Presidency Democrats Coronavirus White House

U.S. economy faces severe strains after election with Washington potentially paralyzed
2020/11/3 washingtonpost.com
Election Economy Coronavirus Presidency White House

Kelly, Bolton Get in Profane Shouting Match Outside the Oval Office
2018/10/19 bloomberg.com
Republicans Immigration White House

EPA Supreme Court White House Republicans

2018/6/5 time.com
Republicans CIA White House Presidency


Who Is Mike Pompeo? What to Know About the Next Secretary of State
2018/3/13 time.com
White House Diplomacy Republicans

Trump Official Wilbur Ross Involved With Business Tied to Vladimir Putin
2017/11/5 time.com
White House Russia

3 Major Costs of Withdrawing From the Paris Climate Agreement
2017/6/1 time.com
White House U.S. Climate Change

Pence Tells North Korea: 'The Era Of Strategic Patience Is Over'
2017/4/17 houstonpublicmedia.org
White House Diplomacy Conflict North Korea

The bombing of Afghanistan shows the US is led by a one-man wild card
2017/4/15 theguardian.com
White House Military U.S. Conflict Afghanistan

US aircraft carrier-led strike group headed toward Korean Peninsula
2017/4/9 edition.cnn.com
White House Defence Japan North Korea

Abe tries to keep Trump-Xi talks laser-focused on Pyongyang
2017/4/6 asia.nikkei.com
White House Defence Japan North Korea

How Neil Gorsuch's Confirmation Fight Changed Politics
2017/4/7 time.com
White House Supreme Court Republicans

A Timeline of the Syrian Civil War and U.S. Response
2017/4/6 time.com
White House Military U.S. Syria

President Trump on Syria: 'I Guess Something Should Happen'
2017/4/6 time.com
White House Massacre ISIS Syria

Trump ready to 'solve' North Korea problem without China
2017/4/3 bbc.com
White House Conflict North Korea China

Environmental Groups Vow to Fight President Trump's Climate Change Policies
2017/3/29 time.com
Climate Change Environment Energy White House U.S.

New US envoy to Japan seen focusing on investment, jobs
2017/3/25 asia.nikkei.com
Diplomacy Japan White House Economy

Jobs Are A Cost Of The Keystone XL Pipeline, Not A Benefit
2017/3/25 forbes.com
Energy U.S. Environment Republicans White House

Trump is under investigation for ties to Russia. What happens now?
2017/3/21 theguardian.com
White House FBI Russia

GOP rep: Trump owes Obama apology for 'reckless' wiretap claim
2017/3/17 msn.com
White House hacking Republicans

Angela Merkel Asked President Trump to Shake Hands. He Appeared to Ignore Her
2017/3/17 time.com
Diplomacy Germany White House

Everything that happened in Donald Trump's address to Congress
2017/2/28 bostonglobe.com
White House Republicans U.S.

Japan's Prime Minister Showed the Way to President Trump's Heart: Flattery
2017/2/10 time.com
Diplomacy Trains Japan White House

Time's up for soft China policy
2017/2/8 asia.nikkei.com
Diplomacy Japan White House China

Trump fires top government lawyer who defied immigration order
2017/1/30 msn.com
White House Republicans

Obama and His Movement Prepare to Challenge President Trump
2017/1/14 nbcnews.com
Presidency Illinois

President Obama Issues Permanent Arctic Drilling Ban Before Leaving Office
2016/12/20 time.com
Climate Change Arctic Presidency

Donald Trump Leaning Toward Extreme Militant John Bolton As Secretary Of State
2016/11/14 huffingtonpost.com
Republicans Defense Presidency

Richard McGregor --- Trump's Asian 'big bang' could upend region's diplomacy
2016/11/11 asia.nikkei.com
Republicans Presidency U.S. Military China Defence Japan

With early Trump meeting, Abe seeks assurance of strong ties
2016/11/11 asia.nikkei.com
Diplomacy Japan Republicans Presidency U.S.

U.S. Will Welcome 10,000th Syrian Refugee Ahead of Schedule
2016/8/29 time.com
Refugees Presidency U.S. Syria

President Obama Visits Flood-Ravaged Louisiana: 'I Know You Will Rebuild Again'
2016/8/22 time.com
Floods Presidency Louisiana U.S.

President Obama Got Hype for His Convention Speech With Eminem's 'Lose Yourself'
2016/8/6 time.com
Presidency Democrats Music

8 Mile (10/10) Movie CLIP - Rabbit Battles Papa Doc (2002) HD
2011/5/30 YouTube

Obama Names LGBT Landmark As National Monument
2016/6/24 npr.org
LGBT Presidency New York U.S.

Announcing the Stonewall National Monument
2016/6/24 White House

Watch Barack Obama Use Commencement Speeches to Talk to Young Voters Over the Years
2016/6/3 time.com
Presidency Opinion Speech

President Obama honors fallen from past, present wars
2016/5/30 usatoday.com
Holidays World War II May Calendar Presidency U.S.

Transcript of President Obama's speech in Hiroshima
2016/5/28 asia.nikkei.com
World War II Presidency Hiroshima Japan

In Hiroshima, Obama calls for mankind to turn against war
2016/5/27 asia.nikkei.com
World War II Presidency Hiroshima Japan

Obama's Hiroshima visit, 7 years in making
2016/5/26 asia.nikkei.com
Presidency Nuclear Weapon Diplomacy Hiroshima Japan 1945

Vietnam's 'Queen of Hip Hop' Impresses President Obama
2016/5/25 facebook.com/time
Presidency Arts Vietnam TIME Video

President Obama Will Bring a Mixed Nuclear Message to Hiroshima
2016//5/10 time.com
Military Nuclear Energy World War II Presidency Hiroshima Japan

Barack Obama's best jokes
2016/5 facebook.com
Presidency Video

President Obama Speaks at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

Michael Stott: Obama broadside could be decisive in Brexit battle
2016/4/24 asia.nikkei.com
EU UK Presidency U.S.

Obama to visit Hiroshima, make anti-nuclear speech: Nikkei
2016/4/22 japantimes.co.jp
Presidency U.S. Diplomacy Hiroshima Japan

Obama still wrestling with 'dilemma' of Hiroshima visit: Kent Calder
2016/4/9 asia.nikkei.com
Presidency U.S. Diplomacy Hiroshima Japan

Vice President Biden Says 'Biden Rule' Doesn't Exist
2016/3/24 time.com
Supreme Court U.S. Presidency Republicans

WATCH: Obama Dances The Tango During State Dinner In Argentina
2016/3/26 npr.org
Presidency U.S. Diplomacy Argentina

A brief history of Argentina's strange, complicated default
2016/3/23 marketplace.org
Presidency U.S. Diplomacy Economics Argentina

President Obama Outlines Path Forward for Cuba
2016/3/22 time.com
Diplomacy U.S. Presidency Cuba

Nancy and Ronnie: A White House love story
2016/3/6 usatoday.com
Presidency First Lady U.S.

Coming Weeks Will Be 'Critical' to Syria's Future, Obama Says
2016/2/25 time.com
Conflict Presidency U.S. Russia Syria

Here's Why Everyone Is Sharing Pictures of Obama With Kids
2016/2/20 time.com
Children Presidency U.S. Photos

'A black president, yay': 106-year-old finally meets the Obamas, dances like a schoolgirl
2016/2/22 washingtonpost.com
African Americans Presidency Longevity

ASEAN SUMMIT: Obama, Asian leaders to tackle tough topics
2016/2/13 pe.com
Presidency ASEAN California U.S.

Expect Obama To Try To Box In Republicans With His Supreme Court Nominee
2016/2/16 npr.org
Supreme Court Presidency U.S.

How water crisis in Flint, Mich., became federal state of emergency
2016/1/20 usatoday.com
Water Toxicant State Michigan U.S.

Obama's Final State of the Union Was His Least-Watched
2016/1/13 time.com
Presidency U.S.

President Obama Announces Executive Action on Gun Control
2016/1/5 time.com
Guns Presidency U.S. Crimes

Watch President Obama Put A Question To The Candidates For His Job
2015/12/28 npr.org
2015 Calendar Presidency NPR

Why You Can't Understand Obama Until You Understand Hawaii
2015/12/19 huffingtonpost.com
Presidency Hawaii U.S.

Details of Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Revealed
2015/11/5 nbcnews.com
Economics Trade Japan Chile Vietnam Presidency U.S.

3 winners and 3 losers from last night's Republican debate
2015/10/29 vox.com
Republicans Presidency

Department of Justice to Release 6,000 Prisoners
2015/10/5 time.com
Prison Justice Presidency U.S.

U.S. and Pacific Nations Reach Landmark Trade Deal
2015/10/5 time.com
Economics Trade Japan Chile Vietnam Presidency U.S.

Transcript: Read the Full Text of Obama's Statement on the Shooting in Oregon
2015/10/1 time.com
Crimes Guns Presidency Oregon U.S.

China Shows It's Getting Serious About Climate Change
2015/9/25 time.com
Climate Change Energy Pollution Environment China Presidency U.S.

U.S. Strikes Cybertheft Agreement with China
2015/9/25 time.com
hacking Human Rights Diplomacy Presidency U.S. China

Obama's dilemma on Hiroshima visit
2015/8/7 asia.nikkei.com
World War II Presidency Diplomacy Hiroshima Japan

Obama Unveils Plan for Steeper Emissions Cuts
2015/8/3 time.com
Climate Change Presidency Environment

Obama to Unveil 'Most Important Step' Ever to Combat Climate Change
2015/8/2 time.com
Climate Change Presidency Environment

President Obama Dines With Relatives in Kenya
2015/7/24 time.com
Presidency Family Kenya Africa

The candour, humour and body swerve of a US president
2015/7/24 bbc.com
Presidency Guns BBC

The Welcome Symbolism of President Obama's Prison Visit
2015/7/17 huffingtonpost.com
Crimes Law Jobs Presidency Prison Oklahoma U.S.

What Inmates Think of Obama's Prison Visit
2015/7/16 time.com
Crimes African Americans Hispanic and Latino Americans Drugs Justice Presidency Oklahoma U.S.

Obama Greeted by Confederate Flag Wavers in Oklahoma
2015/7/16 time.com
Presidency Oklahoma U.S.

Supreme Court Rules That a Typo Should Not Undo Obamacare
2015/6/25 time.com
Presidency Health Care Law Supreme Court U.S.
typo thefreedictionary.com

Democrats Borrow From the Republican Playbook
2015/6/23 time.com
Presidency Trade Republicans Democrats U.S.

Obama On Charleston Shooting: 'This Type Of Mass Violence Does Not Happen In Other Advanced Countries'
2015/6/18 huffingtonpost.com
Outrage Violence Ethnicity African Americans Presidency Crimes Guns South Carolina U.S.

$110 million in drought aid going to California, other Western states, White House says
2015/6/12 latimes.com
Presidency Drought Water California U.S.

After Lobbying by Obama, Senate Agrees to Vote on Trade Bill After All
2015/5/13 nytimes.com
Presidency Trade State Asia

Chicago Wins Bid to Host Obama Library
2015/5/12 nytimes.com
Presidency Illinois U.S.

"What I Told the Grand Jury"
2005/7/17 time.com
Supreme Court Presidency CIA U.S.

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