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An FBI Man's Inside View of '60s America In Turmoil
2009/8/7 npr.org
FBI Politics History

Who Won the Comey Hearing? Russia
2017/6/9 time.com
Politics U.S. Republicans Congress Russia

Hillary Clinton's commencement speech at Wellesley College: A call to 'defend truth', and jabs at her political rival
2017/5/28 cnbc.com
Democrats Massachusetts U.S. Politics

New South Korean President Moon Jae-in Won't Find Reengaging Kim Jong Un Easy
2017/5/10 time.com
Politics Korea North Korea

Remembering A Career Prosecutor Who Leaned Into Controversy - And Took The Heat
201/7/13 npr.org
Justice In Memoriam Jobs Politics

How the GOP is Dealing With Donald Trump's Nomination
2016//5 time.com
Republicans Election Politics U.S.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Claim Victories in Atlantic States
2016/4/26 time.com
Politics Election Connecticut Maryland Pennsylvania Delaware Rhode Island U.S.

Tsai achieves historic first on her own merits
2016/1/18 asia.nikkei.com
Feminism Politics Taiwan

feminism thefreedictionary.com

Canada election 2015: Liberals raid Conservative seats while NDP holds ground in B.C.
2015/10/20 cbc.ca
Politics Lawmaker Canada

Indonesia's Jokowi Marks 100 Days of Presidency With Scandal, Falling Support
2015/1/28 time.com
Politics Indonesia

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