Justice < The U.S.

We Must Impeach Donald Trump Again
2021/1/6 time.com
Republicans Senate Outrage Violence Justice Presidency


Brett Kavanaugh vote: Will 'asterisk justice' bring political stain to Supreme Court?
2019/10/7 usatoday.com

WATCH LIVE: Christine Blasey Ford And Brett Kavanaugh Testify Before Senators
2018/9/27 kut.org
Justice Sexual Harassment Senate



WATCH LIVE: Christine Blasey Ford And Brett Kavanaugh Testify Before Senators
2018/9/27 kut.org
Justice Sexual Harassment Senate

Remembering A Career Prosecutor Who Leaned Into Controversy - And Took The Heat
201/7/13 npr.org
Justice In Memoriam Jobs Politics

Former CIA Officer Says She Is Set To Be Extradited To Italy
2016/6/8 npr.org
CIA U.S. Justice Italy Portugal

Apple Asks Judge to Vacate Order to Unlock iPhone
2016/2/25 time.com
Court Justice Smart Phones hacking Apple California U.S.

Crime + Justice
2015 edition.cnn.com
Crimes Justice

Interview with Texas Exoneree Christopher Scott: 'I kept hope alive that one day I was going to be free.'
2015/10/19 innocenceproject.org
Justice African Americans Prison Texas U.S.

House of Renewed Hope
2015/11 facebook.com
Justice African Americans Prison Texas

Department of Justice to Release 6,000 Prisoners
2015/10/5 time.com
Prison Justice Presidency U.S.

FIFA Suspends Secretary General Jerome Valcke From Duty
2015/9/17 time.com
Soccer Justice France

10 Questions With Bryan Stevenson
2014/10/16 time.com
Lawyer Justice African Americans Prison Alabama U.S.

What Inmates Think of Obama's Prison Visit
2015/7/16 time.com
Crimes African Americans Hispanic and Latino Americans Drugs Justice Presidency Oklahoma U.S.

Honda's U.S. auto finance arm to pay $24 million over loan pricing problems
2015/7/14 businessinsider.com
Ethnicity Racism Cars Justice Regulation Honda U.S.

Fallout From FIFA Corruption Probe Intensifies
2015/5/28 time.com
Sports Soccer Justice Switzerland

After 20 Years On The Job, NYC Police Officer Tells His Intense Stories
2015/4/21 npr.org
Jobs Crimes Justice New York U.S.

Loretta Lynch Confirmed as Attorney General
2015/4/23 time.com
State Law Justice Rwanda Africa North Carolina U.S. African Americans

Obama: 50 Years After 'Bloody Sunday,' March Is Not Yet Over
2015/3/7 npr.org
African Americans Justice History Alabama U.S.

Marie Walsh A Tale of Two Lives
2011/12/8 themoth.org
Justice Family California Michigan U.S. Radio

President Obama Gives Teary Send Off to Attorney General Holder
2015/2/27 time.com
Justice State African Americans Hispanic and Latino Americans Law

Little-Known Laws Help Sex-Trafficking Victims Clear Criminal Records
2015/2/24 npr.org
Crimes Law Justice Texas Maryland U.S. Jobs

'Friendship Nine' cleared of 1961 civil rights sit-in crimes
2015/1/28 reuters.com
Verdict Justice African Americans South Carolina U.S.

AG Nominee Lynch Says She Differs From Obama On Marijuana
2015/1/28 npr.com
State African Americans Law

New Swiss law allows more scrutiny of Fifa and IOC finances
2014/12/12 theguardian.com
Switzerland Law Justice Sports

ICC drops Uhuru Kenyatta charges for Kenya ethnic violence
2014/12/5 bbc.com
Kenya Justice

No Charges for Officer Who Put Eric Garner in Deadly Chokehold
2014/12/3 TIME
New York Justice African Americans U.S.

Behind the Video of Eric Garner's Deadly Confrontation With New York Police
2014/7/22 TIME
New York Justice African Americans U.S.

Ferguson Erupts Again After Cop Cleared in Killing
2014/11/24 TIME
Missouri Justice African Americans U.S.

Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Grand Jury Decision
2014/11/17 TIME
Missouri Justice African Americans U.S.

William Wells Brown may be the most famous 19th century African American writer you've never heard of
2014/11/14 pri.org
Authors African Americans UK Europe Justice Kentucky Massachusetts U.S.

Iran Hangs Woman for Killing Alleged Rapist
2014/10/26 TIME
Law Justice Iran United Nations

Expelled Nazis receive millions in Social Security benefits
2014/10/20 cleveland.com
Justice Law U.S. Germany

Judge in Collusion Case: Silicon Valley Was Afraid of Steve Jobs
2014/8/9 TIME
Justice Business Apple U.S.

First Openly Gay Black Male Federal Judge Confirmed
2014/6/17 TIME
Justice Florida

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