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U.S. economy faces severe strains after election with Washington potentially paralyzed
2020/11/3 washingtonpost.com
Election Economy Coronavirus Presidency White House

Woman Who Lost Job After Flipping Off Trump's Motorcade Wins Election in Virginia
2019/11/6 time.com
Presidency Democrats Election Virginia

Paul Ryan's Unexpected Exit Is a Warning Sign for Republicans
2018/4/11 time.com
Republicans House of Representatives Election Wisconsin

Black Voters Just Sent a Strong Message to Democrats By Electing Doug Jones
2017/12/13 time.com
African Americans Democrats Election Alabama US

Voters Deliver a Big Win for Democrats, and a Blow to Trump
2017/11/9 time.com

4 Fascinating Election Results You Might Have Missed
2017/11/8 time.com
Election US Virginia New Jersey LGBT

Senate Overwhelmingly Approves Sanctions Against Russia for Election Meddling
2017/6/15 time.com
Senate U.S. Election hacking Russia

Suspected Russian spam boss arrested in Spain at US request
2017/4/10 bostonglobe.com
Hacking Election U.S. Spain Russia

Activists Urge Clinton Campaign to Challenge Election Results in 3 Swing States
2016/11/22 msn.com
Democrats Election U.S. Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania

Hillary Clinton Blames FBI Director James Comey for Election Loss
2016/11/12 fortune.com
Election FBI Democrats U.S.

Trump wins US presidency in stunning upset
2016/11/9 asia.nikkei.com
Election Republicans U.S.

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Hillary Clinton's Emailgate Is an Attack on Women
2016/10/31 time.com
Election FBI Democrats Politics U.S.

Julian Assange Timed DNC Email Release for Democratic Convention
2016/7/27 time.com
Information Technology Democrats hacking Election U.S.

DNC emails show hostility to Sanders; one calls campaign chief 'damn liar'
2016/7/24 usatoday.com
Information Technology Democrats Election U.S.

Attempt to Stop Donald Trump at Convention Fails Decisively
2016/7/14 time.com
Election Republicans Ohio U.S.

Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton for President
2016/7/12 time.com
Democrats Election U.S.

Donald Trump makes Rupert Murdoch dance to his tune
2016/5/13 theguardian.com
Republicans Conflict Election U.S.

How the GOP is Dealing With Donald Trump's Nomination
2016//5 time.com
Republicans Election Politics U.S.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Claim Victories in Atlantic States
2016/4/26 time.com
Politics Election Connecticut Maryland Pennsylvania Delaware Rhode Island U.S.

The Beginning of the End of Donald Trump
2016/4/3 time.com
Politics Election U.S.

Nova Scotia isle lures those vowing to move to Canada if Trump elected
2016/3/2 usatoday.com
Election U.S. Republicans Canada

TIME Responds to Confrontation With Secret Service at Trump Event
2016/2/29 time.com
Republicans Election Outrage Violence Virginia U.S.

Iowa Caucuses Too Close to Call as Cruz, Clinton Hold Narrow Leads
2016/2/1 time.com
Election Democrats Republicans Iowa U.S.

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