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How water crisis in Flint, Mich., became federal state of emergency
2016/1/20 usatoday.com
Water Toxicant State Michigan U.S.

Here's How Edward Snowden Was Welcomed on Twitter
2015/9/25 time.com
Information Technology State U.S. Russia CIA

After Lobbying by Obama, Senate Agrees to Vote on Trade Bill After All
2015/5/13 nytimes.com
Presidency Trade State Asia

Why Obama's Visit to Nike Bothers Liberals
2015/5/7 time.com
Trade Business State Asia Oregon U.S.

Gained in translation: Obama's Persian language spokesman wins fans in Iran
2015/4/29 theguardian.com
State Diplomacy Social Media Iran
Alan Eyre Facebook

John Kerry thanks Canada for Arctic Council leadership
2015/4/25 guelphmercury.com
Arctic Environment State Canada Climate Change

Loretta Lynch Confirmed as Attorney General
2015/4/23 time.com
State Law Justice Rwanda Africa North Carolina U.S. African Americans

Iran Nuclear Talks at Crunch Time
2015/3/30 time.com
Diplomacy Iran Israel State

Netanyahu Overshadows His Own Speech
2015/3/1 time.com
Diplomacy State Israel Iran

President Obama Gives Teary Send Off to Attorney General Holder
2015/2/27 time.com
Justice State African Americans Hispanic and Latino Americans Law

U.S. Closes Embassy in Yemen Amid Continued Unrest
2015/2/11 time.com
Conflict Diplomacy State Yemen

Obama and Biden Pay Tribute to Kayla Mueller
2015/2/9 time.com
Outrage Violence Syria State Feminism Arizona

AG Nominee Lynch Says She Differs From Obama On Marijuana
2015/1/28 npr.com
State African Americans Law

New Research Blames Insiders, Not North Korea, for Sony Hack
2014/12/30 TIME
State U.S. North Korea Hacking Conflict

Sony Announces Limited Release of The Interview
2014/12/23 TIME
State U.S. North Korea Hacking Conflict Entertainment

Obama Says Sony 'Made a Mistake' Pulling The Interview
2014/12/19 TIME
State U.S. North Korea Hacking Conflict

Where Are All Those Freed Guantanamo Detainees Now?
2014/12/8 TIME
U.S. Transfers 6 Guantanamo Prisoners to Uruguay
2014/12/7 TIME
Uruguay Cuba State U.S.

France to pay $60m for Holocaust victims deported by state rail firm
2014/12/5 haaretz.com
Israel France State American Jews

U.S. to Grant Refugee Status to Some Children
2014/11/14 TIME
Guatemala Honduras El Salvador Hispanic and Latino Americans Immigration State U.S.

Quantitative Easing "On 18 September 2013, the Fed decided to hold off on scaling back its bond-buying program. Purchases were halted on October 29, 2014. after accumulating $4.5 trillion in assets."
2014/11/1 Wikipedia
State FRB U.S.

Obama Hosts 51 African Leaders Amid Grumbling Over His Record
2014/8/4 TIME
Africa State U.S.

Obama Urged to Address LGBT Rights in Africa
2014/7/29 TIME
LGBT Africa State U.S.

U.S., EU Boost Sanctions On Russia
2014/7/29 TIME
Russia State U.S.

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